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Face It, You’re Needy.

If I could pick one theme for my life over the last year it would be needs: acknowledging that I have needs, learning how to identify my needs, practicing asking for what I need, and opening up to receiving what I need. It’s been a needy year.  I wrote about what happens when you don’t […]

How to be a Light Worker When You’re Pissed

I was flipping through one of my old journals when I came across an entry that really grabbed me. I’d been struggling with anger toward one of my parents at the time, and in my journal, I wrote that even though I knew the anger was detrimental to my well being and was fueling self-destructive […]

Here’s How I Drove People Nuts Without Realizing It

I’ve written about the importance of owning and expressing one’s needs time and again on the blog because, to be honest, I’m a little obsessed. Clearly this is one of the lessons my soul came here to learn, because I never seem to tire of thinking about how our relationship to our needs ends up […]

This Can Make You Selfish

I was hanging out with a friend recently, and he was listening to some of his “happy birthday” voicemails on speakerphone. And wouldn’t you know, there was a nugget o’ wisdom hiding in one of those messages. For the sake of clarity, let’s call my friend “Samson” (mainly because I never have an opportunity to use that […]

Stop Playing Hot Potato in Your Relationships

On a scale of one to ten, how in touch are you with your needs? Choose a significant relationship–can you name three of your needs in that relationship? In my own life and in talking to friends, I’ve learned that needs are a hot topic, and it seems that women are more likely to answer the […]