Who am I?

Hey there! My name is Melissa, and I’m a tarot reader, Reiki Master, Licensed Massage Therapist, and witch. Throughout my adult life, I’ve been fascinated with personal development, but until a few years ago I approached my inner explorations through the lens of psychology, reading every self-help book I could get my hands on and thinking long and hard about why I do what I do.

And then I got a tarot reading. I didn’t know it at the time, but that reading represented a major turning point in my life, one at which my search veered into the realm of the spiritual, and wow, did things ever get weird. I felt like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole, but after getting used to the sensation of “holy shit, how deep is this hole and where’s it gonna end up?” things really started getting interesting.

In the years since that reading, I have been on a journey to uncover who I am–the pleasant, the unpleasant, and the can’t-put-it-into-words–that will no doubt continue throughout this lifetime and then some. I’ve met trusted Guides and explored new territories, both in my mind and what I believe are other realms. (Hey, I told you things got weird). But most importantly, I have been discovering what it means to truly know and accept myself, although that, too, is very much a work in progress.

Why yoga…and witchcraft?

Good question. To answer that, I need to give you a bit of background. I’ve been practicing yoga for over a decade, and at first, I saw yoga as a way to get in shape and, hopefully, to gain a little flexibility in my ridiculously tight everything.

But my interest in yoga eventually led me to experiment with meditation. For months it was a constant struggle that resulted in session after session where I sat there thinking about my to-do list for the day or rehashing a conversation I’d had earlier (only this time coming up with the perfect retort)–not exactly relaxing or restorative.

But as time went on and I slowly became more habitual with my meditation practice, I began to notice subtle changes. I wasn’t nearly as impatient to finish my sessions, and I felt so clear headed and light afterward, like someone had spray washed my mind free of clutter. I was hooked.

Years later, when a friend introduced me to witchcraft, I fell in love. I’ve always felt deeply connected to nature, and as a sculptor, a style of spirituality that invited me to couple my spiritual devotion with hands-on ritual and practical actions really resonated with me. And, handily enough, my regular meditation practice was just what I needed to deepen my experience in ritual, in my altar devotions, and in my magickal practice as a whole.

Thus, yoga and witchcraft. In my experience, these two paths are such a beautiful complement to each other, with yoga and meditation fostering one-pointed focus and patience, and witchcraft bringing a deeper, richer meaning to both activities.

What’s this website all about anyways?

This is a space for me to share my journey as both a yogi and a witch. I’ll be writing about my tarot readings, yoga postures, journeys in meditation, chakra exercises, and my experiences and workings as a witch.

What I’m especially interested in is how to take spiritual and intellectual ideas, which can seem rather lofty and abstract at times, and ground them in practical experiences that you can feel in your body and see manifesting in your life. This is where I have enjoyed the deepest transformations on my own path, and my hope is to inspire you to seek the same.

So welcome, and thanks for reading!