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What Downton Abbey Taught Me About Money

My adventures with money continue, and I’ve been experiencing interesting things, both in meditation and in daily life, that are shining light on my dysfunctional relationship to money and how to go about healing it. My overall strategy looks a little something like this: I’m reading books on the psychology of wealth and the Law […]

Do You Secretly Hate Money?

I recently read a book called Financial Alchemy: Twelve Months of Magic and Manifestation (Volume 1)* by Morgana Rae. Initially, I was a tad skeptical. The author’s rolling around in a cascade of bills on the cover, and the book has a lot of exclamation points. But then…I did the first exercise, and something interesting happened. The […]

The Number One Thing to Know When Making Any Decision

Life recently handed me a big growth opportunity (Latin name: Shit sandwich). I believe that in the process, I sadly may have lost a friend, but I do know that I’ve found a once-missing part of myself. This situation was a direct result of my recent work on strengthening my boundaries and releasing codependent patterns in […]

Asking the Oracle How to Be a Better Tarot Reader

In recent weeks, I’ve been actively seeking out tarot guinea pigs, and specifically people whom I don’t know well or at all, who will give me feedback on the accuracy of my readings. It’s been quite an interesting experience, and I want to share a few things that I’ve learned in the process, and in my […]

My Fibroid Looks Like a Dancing Meatball

I realize that title is going to require some explanation, so here we go. Last week, I got the strange urge to meditate on the bathroom floor while my husband was showering. Something about the heat and the steam just sounded really wonderful. I didn’t know what type of meditation I was in the mood […]

I Just Had Sex

And yes, there’s a good reason why I’m sharing this fact with you, I promise. But before we get to that, this is what popped into my head immediately afterward. Sing along with me: So, why would you possibly care about this? Well, in a previous post, I shared details about my intuition that my uterine fibroid […]

Healing Energetic Boundaries and Uncovering False Beliefs

Last night, I did a beautiful full moon ritual written by Shea Morgan of The Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple. During the meditation portion, I decided to experiment with some new healing techniques I’ve been learning from Cyndi Dale’s book, Energetic Boundaries, and the experience was quite interesting. In the book, Dale works with a system of twelve auric […]

Reading Your Body’s Messages

For years, ever since I began practicing yoga, I believed that my body could hold onto emotions, which would then manifest in physical ways, but I never had much luck seeing this in my own body beyond the obvious connection between, say, stress and my tight shoulder muscles. For the past few years, though, I have been […]

Tapping Into Your Hidden Power: Part Two

In part one, I divulged my dirty, little secret: I am a total control freak, and one of the ways this crops up in my life is through my food choices. In my process of learning how to let go of my iron grip on how I think about and act around food, something unexpected happened. Rather […]

December 9, 2014 meditation, witchcraft

Tapping Into Your Hidden Power: Part One

In an earlier post on the tarot’s Chariot card, I touched on my addiction to control and how that has impacted my physical health. I recently experienced something really significant in my journey to release control that has helped me tap into a power that, previously, I wasn’t aware existed within me. I’ll go into some of […]

December 9, 2014 meditation, witchcraft
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