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The Upside to Not Having a F#&*ing Clue

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, The Dervish and the Mermaid, and Pace Smith, the show’s co-host, was recounting her and her wife’s six-month adventure of living in an RV, and specifically, what came up when they changed their minds and decided they were done living on the road. Pace struggled with […]

The 2017 Lion’s Gate: The Sun and Sirius

The astrological occurrence referred to as the Lion’s Gate occurs each year when the Sun is in the sign of Leo and is in alignment with Siruis. The Sun has an affinity for Leo (in astrological parlance, the Sun is “ruled by” Leo), which means that the Sun-Leo combo is powerful in and of itself, […]

What to do When You Feel Stuck

In the tarot, the suit of swords corresponds to the mental realm, for, just like a sword, the mind is double edged. It can cut through confusion and generate new ideas, but it can also lead us through a labyrinth of unproductive thoughts. When we don’t know how to use our minds in a soul-aligned […]

Fear of Missing Out

Every year on my birthday, I do an in-depth tarot reading to gain clarity on the most important lessons from the past year and guidance on the lessons that will be most prominent in the year ahead. One of my major lessons came in the form of the Hermit, and in the deck I chose […]

Your Personal Grail Quest, Part Two

This is an excerpt from a book-in-progress, Crafting Your Personal Grail Quest, which is a guide to discovering and living your soul’s purpose. In Part One of this series, we talked about how to use the tarot’s Major Arcana to determine your location on the Grail Map. We then learned how to take the information […]

Your Personal Grail Quest, Part One

This is an excerpt from a book-in-progress, Crafting Your Personal Grail Quest, which is a guide to discovering and living your soul’s purpose. If you’re going on a journey, it helps to have a map, and a Quest is no different. Well…it’s slightly different. If you’re going to a new restaurant, thanks to Google Maps […]

What do you need to let go of right now?

While on a magical hike with an equally magical friend today, we decided to camp out in a dry, stone-lined creek bed for a bit and do a tarot reading. Here’s what happened… When it was my turn to draw a card, I decided to focus on insights that would help me further embrace the […]

Embark on Your Personal Grail Quest

Tomorrow, September 6, I’ll be hosting part one of a two-part workshop, Your Personal Grail Quest, at Heart, Body and Soul (Columbia, MO) from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. To save your spot, call the store at 573-777-6771. So, what is a personal Grail Quest, and why would you want to embark on one when you […]

Why isn’t spiritual guidance more direct?

As someone who works with Spirit Guides on a daily basis, I spend a lot of time thinking about guidance: how it’s transmitted, how we can seek it out, what forms it takes, where it comes from, and so forth. Fascinating stuff. Yesterday, I was thinking about the ways in which I receive guidance and […]

Shine On, You Crazy Diamond (Haters Gonna Hate)

That’s me at age four, totally unconcerned about being “too awesome.” Whew, the last few days have been intense. I’ve been getting really triggered in my interactions with someone whom I’ll call…Petunia, and that has brought up some very interesting lessons on childhood, insecurities, shining bright in the face of criticism, and synchronicity. Let’s just […]

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