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A Tarot Reading for Fall

I spent much of the weekend outside enjoying the fall weather and really connecting to the shift in energy that accompanies the changing seasons. I came home inspired to do a tarot reading with the question “How can we flow with the energies of fall?” I was called to use the hauntingly beautiful Bohemian Gothic Tarot, […]

Weekly Tarot Reading: Four of Cups

I’m starting massage school next week–yay!–and I’ll be taking a break from my weekly tarot readings. I’ll continue to blog as often as I’m able, so be sure to sign up for email updates here! Week of August 31 – September 7 This week, you may find yourself feeling impatient and frustrated. To shift this energy, […]

Weekly Tarot Reading: Four of Swords Reversed

Week of August 24 – 30 This reading started with a whoosh of energy, and as soon as I turned the card over, before I had even consciously registered what it was, the message, “Time for action!” came through. You have been deliberating and preparing to take action on something, and now is the time. […]

Weekly Tarot: Knight of Wands

A different tarot deck called to me for this week’s reading, the Bohemian Gothic Tarot, and the messages I received through the card are quite different from the traditional interpretations. Week of August 17 – 23 The first thing that caught my attention was the brooch at the Knight’s throat. However, it’s not located precisely […]

Weekly Tarot Reading: Knight of Cups Reversed

Week of August 10-17 I often see the Knight of Cups in readings about codependent relationships, and this week, the Knight wants to help you break free of patterns that keep you from practicing self-care and living authentically because you are overly concerned about other people’s needs and wants. Here’s a helpful checklist that can help […]

Weekly Tarot Reading: Five of Cups

Week of August 3 – 9 If you’re faced with a decision this week, this reading’s for you. In the card, you can see the Mad Hatter debating between two tea cups, one with the support of a saucer, the other without. When deciding between different options, bring awareness to whether or not you are drawn to […]

Weekly Tarot Reading: Queen of Coins

Week of July 27 – August 2 Unlike the grounded, powerful Queen of Pentacles in other decks, the Queen of Coins from the Alice Tarot has a distinctly different feel. This week, the Queen is asking you to think about what is truly important to you. You may be focusing your attention and efforts on things […]

Weekly Tarot Reading: Ten of Swords

Ah, the ten of swords. This is always an intense card when it pops up in a reading, and no wonder–the person in the card doesn’t look very comfortable, to put it mildly. Let’s see what this card has to say about the upcoming week. Week of July 20-27 You may find yourself on the receiving […]

Weekly Tarot Reading: Two of Pentacles

Week of July 13 – 19 This week, you’ll be feeling a powerful building of energy, and at times it can feel frightening, as if this swell will crash through the dam and carry you away. Let’s look at the message of the Two of Pentacles more closely though, and find out how you can ride […]

Weekly Tarot Reading: Strength Reversed

Week of July 6 – 12 This week, you will be turning your strength inward as you learn new ways to nurture yourself. This process is all about connecting more fully to the universal flow, an infinitely replenished source of nourishment and strength. You will know when you are tapped into this flow, because even when you […]

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