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What Type of Psychic Are You?

Did you know there are various forms of psychic abilities? Many of us have Hollywood-esque ideas of what it means to be psychic: Waking up from prophetic dreams to an ice-cold room full of dead people trying to get your attention, getting a complete download of someone’s past just by touching their hand, and so […]

The True Secret of Self-Help

I’m a total self-help junkie–books, workshops, you name it. A few years ago, I started feeling a tug o’ war between my never-ending self-improvement project and the idea that we are inherently divine and possess something that can never be wounded or defiled, something that doesn’t need fixing. So, which is it? Do we need some […]

Using Synchronicity to Light Your Way

In magic and spirituality, there’s a lot of talk about synchronicity, but what’s the big deal? First off, what is synchronicity? It’s a term coined by Carl Jung, and to condense a few of his super-smart, verbose definitions into my own, it means a joining of events that are not apparently linked by cause and […]

Do you see faeries without realizing it?

A few weeks ago, a very magickal friend and I were out hiking in the woods when we began to notice faces on the trees and rocks around us. I suddenly remembered a Hippie Witch podcast in which the host, Joanna DeVoe, was talking about a belief she’d heard somewhere that seeing faces in, say, swirling bathroom […]

More Automatic Writing Messages Come Through

After this weekend’s experiments with a pendulum and automatic writing, I was really looking forward to communicating with “the Council” again, so I set aside some time last night to do more automatic writing. After creating a protection shield that allowed only those who entered in perfect love and perfect trust, I got into a […]

Fun With Pendulums and Automatic Writing

As part of one of my witchcraft apprenticeships, I was experimenting with a pendulum and automatic writing techniques this weekend, and some interesting things came up. I’ve used both of these methods in the past, but one thing I love about these apprenticeships is that they really encourage a beginner’s mind, so I ditched what I […]

How to Make Letting Go of Outcome Feel Amazing, Not Painful

If you’ve read virtually any spiritual writing, you’re well familiar with the mantra  “let go of the outcome.” And yet there are (many) times when even detaching from the outcome of what you’re cooking for dinner can feel like a Sisyphean task. Why is this so hard? I believe letting go can feel so excruciating for the […]

Ingredients for Radical Life Change, Part 4

If you’ve missed the rest of the series, you can catch up here: part one, part two, and part three. Radical Life Change Ingredient #4 View life as a wise teacher. I’ve spent a lot of time wishing things were different–that my hair was shinier, my skin clearer, my grades better, my relationships more exciting, […]

Ingredients for Radical Life Change, Part 3

If you’ve missed the beginning of this series, check out part one and part two. Radical Life Change Ingredient #3 Stop complaining. This might be one of the most powerful practices I’ve found yet, and I’m still amazed at how dramatically situations can shift once I make the choice to stop complaining about them. I […]

This is How You Create Your Reality

There’s an idea in Hermetic traditions known as the Principle of Mentalism, which states that everything in the universe was created by the divine mind, or what the Hermetic texts call “THE ALL.” (In this age of emails and texts, I can’t read the all caps without doing it in a shout-y voice.) In this school of thought, we […]

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