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Try This When You’re Feeling Imbalanced

My yoga teacher said something in class today that really made me think. We were prepping for standing bow pose, which looks like this (image source): Before you get into the pose on the far right, it’s helpful to find your balance in various intermediate poses, like the ones on the left. My teacher explained, […]

Breaking the Grip of Perfectionism Through Yoga

In yoga, as in life, it’s easy to get tangled up in the net of perfection. We see someone in the “fullest expression” of a yoga pose, and this becomes our end goal. Anything short of achieving this end goal is viewed as merely a way station to getting there. But where, exactly, are we […]

The Purpose of Being Present

While meditating this morning, I asked to see my future self, and I saw Future Me teaching a yoga class. I gave a little pre-class spiel as my students were settling into their mats, and I liked it so much that Present Me wrote it down to share with you. ­čÖé As you begin to […]

What Your Breathing Says About You

I was experimenting with weird breathing the other night. It was part of an assignment for an apprenticeship I’m doing, and it’s an exercise my teacher calls the “little death” breath, in which you breathe in for a count of seven, hold the breath in for seven counts, breathe out for a count of seven, […]

The Number One Lesson I Learned in 2014

I just hosted my first family Christmas, and amidst the turkey spatchcocking, attending my first Catholic Mass in over a decade with my grandma, and discovering one of the weirdest Christmas cartoons (why does Santa have hairy lips?!), I learned a very powerful lesson. Now, this lesson is something that I’ve read about, thought about, […]

Reading Your Body’s Messages

For years, ever since I began practicing yoga, I believed that my body could hold onto emotions, which would then manifest in physical ways, but I┬ánever had much luck seeing this in my own body beyond the obvious┬áconnection between, say, stress and my tight shoulder muscles. For the past few years, though, I have been […]