As part of one of my witchcraft apprenticeships, I was experimenting with a pendulum and automatic writing techniques this weekend, and some interesting things came up. I’ve used both of these methods in the past, but one thing I love about these apprenticeships is that they really encourage a beginner’s mind, so I ditched what I thought I knew and just followed along with the exercises in the book, The Inner Temple of Witchcraft.

Using a Magical Pendulum

For the pendulum, I used what I had on hand, a river stone strung on a necklace chain that I wear when I’m out and about. I looped one end of the chain over my right hand and let the stone hang, holding it with my other hand for a moment to still any motion in the chain. I called upon my Guides and asked for the protection of the Mother and Father (which is how I relate to the Goddess and God).

To start, I asked what a “yes” response looked like, and interestingly, I felt the energy move before the pendulum did. I felt the energy in my hand run down the chain, and where it met the stone it moved in a long oval pattern from left to right, left to right. When I opened my eyes, I saw that the stone was beginning to move in this manner, and what was really interesting was that it appeared as if the stone was being moved first and it was dragging the chain along with it–so strange! So, that was a “yes” response.

I then asked what “no” looked like, and the energy went completely still. I felt it in my hand, like the energy flow just switched off, and the stone remained perfectly still.

I then began to ask questions to which I knew the answer, and the pendulum responded with either an oval “yes” or a still “no.” At one point, the answer was so emphatic that I called my very skeptical husband into the room and his eyes widened after he examined my hand and fingers and couldn’t detect any movement in them that might be causing the pendulum to swing so wildly.

In The Inner Temple of Witchcraft, Penzcak offers that it might be non-physical entities working through us psychokinetically, or perhaps you are tapping into your own latent psychokinetic abilities, or subtle hand movements directed by your subconscious are creating the movement, but he admits that he doesn’t definitively understand how the process works. Neither do I, but I trust that it does. I’m more than happy to accept this little mystery.

Spirit Contact Through Automatic Writing

For the automatic writing, I placed a stack of paper on the table in front of me, and I again asked for protection and connected with my Guides. But then, something interesting happened. My Guides have a very distinct feel; I know when they are present, just like I would recognize my husband by sight, smell, touch, or sound. These entities felt different. I sensed that my Guides were present, but it was as if they were watching while these other entities were interacting with me directly.

My eyes were closed throughout the whole process, and I began by resting my pen against the paper and stating in my mind that I was ready to communicate. Below is an actual scan of the first two pages of writing. The little notations were made after the session was complete so I could recall which questions I had asked.

In between each piece of writing, I would ask another question, so you’re essentially seeing one half of a dialogue that went like this with the entities’ responses in italics:


Are you going to get a massage table?


We want to teach you.

Teach me what?

How to heal.

You want me to get a massage table so you can teach me how to heal?



This month.

Will I have enough money?


How will I know when it is time?

You will make 300 in sales.

In what time period?

One day.

And then I will know it is time to get the table?




I continued to ask them questions:

Who are you?

The Council.

How many of you are there?


Were you ever physical beings?


I asked them more questions about their physical life experiences before continuing with:

Will my training be related to your experiences as physical beings?

Yes and no.

Will it be related to your non-physical experiences?

A very large yes was scrawled on the page in response.

Is there anything else you want me to know right now?

Release your fear of not knowing enough. Do and you will learn.

Even now, I can’t read that last message without getting tears in my eyes. They really touched on a soft, vulnerable spot with that one.


I rely heavily on my feelings when I am interacting with non-physical entities. If it feels good, like I am vibrating in a way that is harmonious and loving, then I go with it; if it feels “off,” then it probably is.

Interacting with these beings felt amazing, as if our shared vibration were crystal clear and illuminated. I am definitely interested in getting to know them more.