While doing a tarot reading for my birthday, I stumbled upon a really magical way to combine Reiki and tarot.

By using the tarot to illuminate precisely where you are experiencing a block and then calling in Reiki to clear out this block, you get a powerful one-two combo of insight and healing. I have been loving the effects of my Reiki + Tarot Healings in my own life, and I’m very excited to share them with you.


What is a Reiki + Tarot Healing?

There are two components to this type of healing, and I’m sure you’ve already guessed what they are: Reiki and tarot. Here’s how they work together in my healing sessions: First, I do a one-card tarot reading to identify where you are experiencing an energetic block. Second, I do what is called a Reiki healing attunement on this block.

Let’s talk about the tarot component first. While doing my birthday reading, I was inspired by this quote from Mario Liani:

I forgive, heal and release everything that consciously or unconsciously could delay or block the complete evolution of my being.

I asked the Oracle to show me, through the tarot, what was delaying or blocking the complete evolution of my being, and then I drew a tarot card and let the magic of the Oracle flow. So this is part one of your Reiki + Tarot Healing. I will ask the same question for you, and you will receive a written page of insights uncovered in your tarot reading.

Now, on to the Reiki part. In the Reiki lineage in which I have been attuned there is a technique called a healing attunement, which gives a concentrated flow of Reiki meant to heal and balance the energy field of the recipient.

When the person is not physically present, the Reiki practitioner can use a teddy bear or an index card to represent this person throughout the healing. You can also do this type of healing attunement for a situation in the past, present, or future, and this is where tarot enters the picture in a really magical way.

I will take the tarot card from your reading, the card that represents whatever is delaying or blocking the complete evolution of your being right now, and perform a Reiki healing attunement on this card. This card is a representation of what is blocking or mucking up your energy right now, so what better way to get things moving then with a healing infusion of pure Reiki directed right at this block?

How do I book a Reiki + Tarot Healing?

It’s super simple. Just use the button below to book your healing session. I will email you within 24 hours to set up a mutually agreed upon time when I will be conducting your healing. Within 72 hours of performing your healing, you will also receive the written content from your one-card tarot reading.

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If you have never booked a Reiki session or tarot reading with me, you can learn more about both here: Reiki healings and tarot readings.

I will email you within 24 hours of receiving your booking to schedule a time for your Reiki + Tarot Healing. Questions? Contact Melissa here.