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5 Lessons From the Forest

I could have easily made this 100 Lessons From the Forest because nature isn’t one to skimp, but I do realize ain’t nobody got time for all that, so I’ve limited myself to five. So without further ado… 1. Things change. Often faster than you think. I can walk the same trail everyday for a month, […]

How Receptivity Makes You Wealthier

In a previous post, I talked about a recent tarot reading in which the Oracle outlined the energetics of receptivity and how, when you are receptive, you are able to access more information in any given moment.In essence, receptivity makes you smarter. Today I want to talk about the second message of that tarot reading: […]

Are you talking away your power?

I was watching a video by business maven Marie Forleo about what to do if you’ve lost the spark of passion when it comes to your work, and she said something that really struck me. She cautioned about talking your business ideas to death, because it can give you a false sense of satiation. Almost like, well, I’ve talked […]