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A Meditation for Information Gathering

In massage class last night, we were learning how to work more directly with the body’s network of fascia. If you’ve never heard of fascia before, it’s a connective tissue that some researchers have compared to a continuous sweater covering and interpenetrating everything in your body, including your muscles, bones, and organs. Here’s an image […]

A Super Awesome Benefit of Meditation

I’ve written before about choosing conscious change over chronic pain, and this concept has been on my mind a lot lately. I spent some time with family over the holidays, and it was fascinating to see generational patterns and how they exhibited in someone who has been doing pattern x for ten years versus someone who has been […]

The Number One Thing to Know When Making Any Decision

Life recently handed me a big growth opportunity (Latin name: Shit sandwich). I believe that in the process, I sadly may have lost a friend, but I do know that I’ve found a once-missing part of myself. This situation was a direct result of my recent work on strengthening my boundaries and releasing codependent patterns in […]

My Fibroid Looks Like a Dancing Meatball

I realize that title is going to require some explanation, so here we go. Last week, I got the strange urge to meditate on the bathroom floor while my husband was showering. Something about the heat and the steam just sounded really wonderful. I didn’t know what type of meditation I was in the mood […]

Healing Energetic Boundaries and Uncovering False Beliefs

Last night, I did a beautiful full moon ritual written by Shea Morgan of The Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple. During the meditation portion, I decided to experiment with some new healing techniques I’ve been learning from Cyndi Dale’s book, Energetic Boundaries, and the experience was quite interesting. In the book, Dale works with a system of twelve auric […]