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How Self-Acceptance Makes You Energetically Stronger

One night, about a month ago, I asked my Guides a question before bed. I’ve been intensely exploring my relationship to money, something I’ve written about quite a bit already, from different perspectives. Whereas before I was feeling the strain of perpetual brokeness, I’m now enjoying more financial stability than I ever have in the […]

This is the Love of Your Life

Once upon a time, two little girls were born, on the very same day. From the moment they met, they were inseparable. Wherever Edie went, Selene followed. Birds of a feather, always together. When the girls were old enough to play outside on their own, they spent hours in the backyard, climbing rough-barked trees, daring each […]

The True Secret of Self-Help

I’m a total self-help junkie–books, workshops, you name it. A few years ago, I started feeling a tug o’ war between my never-ending self-improvement project and the idea that we are inherently divine and possess something that can never be wounded or defiled, something that doesn’t need fixing. So, which is it? Do we need some […]