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Is that a fact?

Our self-talk can impose serious limitations on our lives when we state an opinion as a fact and when we use this as inarguable justification for our action or inaction. Let’s say Laura is mulling over her financial situation. Her health insurance premiums as a freelance writer are eating up her monthly income, but she […]

Enough Is Enough

Even seemingly straightforward situations have a lot of moving parts. Think about it: You’re ordering a coffee, and you have a 30-second exchange with the barista. Simple, right? Yes…and all of your past experiences led you to this particular moment in time, as did the past experiences of the barista, the other people working at […]

What do you need to let go of right now?

While on a magical hike with an equally magical friend today, we decided to camp out in a dry, stone-lined creek bed for a bit and do a tarot reading. Here’s what happened… When it was my turn to draw a card, I decided to focus on insights that would help me further embrace the […]

A Meditation for Information Gathering

In massage class last night, we were learning how to work more directly with the body’s network of fascia. If you’ve never heard of fascia before, it’s a connective tissue that some researchers have compared to a continuous sweater covering and interpenetrating everything in your body, including your muscles, bones, and organs. Here’s an image […]

How to Surrender When Things Go Sideways

The past few months have been an adventure, and if I had to pick a theme, hands down, it would be surrender. But first, a little backstory: A few years ago, I was shown an image in meditation. If only I could take a screenshot of my brain because, man oh man, was it ever […]

A Prayer for Protection

In my first-year witchcraft apprenticeship, I learned many different techniques for protection, and one of my favorites was something called a Lorica. From Wikipedia: In the Christian monastic tradition, a lorica is a prayer recited for protection. It is essentially a ‘protection prayer’ in which the petitioner invokes all the power of God as a […]

How Receptivity Makes You Wealthier

In a previous post, I talked about a recent tarot reading in which the Oracle outlined the energetics of receptivity and how, when you are receptive, you are able to access more information in any given moment.In essence, receptivity makes you smarter. Today I want to talk about the second message of that tarot reading: […]

Weekly Tarot Reading: Ten of Swords

Ah, the ten of swords. This is always an intense card when it pops up in a reading, and no wonder–the person in the card doesn’t look very comfortable, to put it mildly. Let’s see what this card has to say about the upcoming week. Week of July 20-27 You may find yourself on the receiving […]

Weekly Tarot Reading: Two of Pentacles

Week of July 13 – 19 This week, you’ll be feeling a powerful building of energy, and at times it can feel frightening, as if this swell will crash through the dam and carry you away. Let’s look at the message of the Two of Pentacles more closely though, and find out how you can ride […]

Are You Tethered to Your Enemies?

I was doing some classwork for one of my witchcraft apprenticeships over the weekend, and I came upon the concept of blessing one’s enemies. The idea is that you wish for so much awesome stuff to blossom in your enemy’s life that they no longer have time for nor interest in bothering you. Thankfully, I don’t have […]

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