How can a LifeAlchemy™ Tarot Reading help me?

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guidanceImageAll of us, at various points in our lives, can use a little guidance to help us make wise decisions and to see situations more clearly.

Sometimes, talking to friends and family turns up the same advice, again and again, and as well-intentioned as our loved ones may be, what they think is best for us or our situation isn’t always the path that will make us feel most alive and aligned with our true purpose in life.

This is where tarot, or as I like to call it, the Oracle, can become a valuable tool and an ally in your personal evolution.

A reading will provide you with insights that, oftentimes, offer a fresh perspective and new solutions, enabling you to gain a clearer understanding of your actions and the changes you can make to bring about your desired outcome.

Get out of town right now. It’s like you have a window into my life, seriously. If only you knew how dead on the nail this really was right here! Jaw dropped down reading it! I mean honestly, I was just writing about this the other day. Amazing. Spirit is really speaking through you!

This reading was far more detailed and extensive than any reading I have had to date. It was eerily on target regarding the previous year, and it continues to be relevant as this year unfolds. Additionally, because the reading was in writing, I have been able to repeatedly refer back to it to seek guidance and remain mindful of my focus for this year.

The Tarot reading you did for me was amazingly accurate. You brought up several things that I “knew” but wasn’t willing to admit to myself. That was very helpful. Thank you. I will be recommending you to friends.

Are the results set in stone?

witch's tarotnewThinkingChoice

Unlike what you might have seen in the movies, the Oracle doesn’t throw down ominous pronouncements of fate that you’re powerless to change (accompanied by dramatic music)–quite the contrary. Rather, the cards can help you understand the missing piece that’s blocking you from truly “getting” your situation and making positive change.

If you just can’t seem to wrap your mind around the problem, no matter how much you turn it over in your thoughts and hash it out with friends, or you feel like there’s a deeper meaning or lesson that you’re not quite grasping, this is a great time to consult the Oracle for insights.

As Einstein famously said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

The Oracle provides a powerful alternative to this “same kind of thinking” by providing you with guidance from a wise Source that can see your highest potential and show you how to manifest real change in your life.

Gosh, this reading was unbelievably spot on from the emotions involved to the part about [omitted to protect privacy]. Wow.

Thank you so much for the reading, your time, skills, and energy. Your reading was very informative and helpful! I have responded after just reading it once, and I know there is much more info and insights to be gleaned when I look at this over time and contemplate your wise advice and words.

Very accurate! This reading gave me a good direction. I wasn’t sure how to address the situation, but this reading helped me clear my mind and look forward.

Are you ready to take the first step and ask the Oracle for guidance?

If this is your first time booking a reading with me, please check out my FAQ and terms here. You can also view sample readings in the FAQ.

Please choose the number of cards you would like in your tarot spread using the drop-down menu below. Regardless of the number of cards, I will tailor each position in the spread to give you the best possible guidance on your situation. The more cards you choose, the greater detail I will be able to receive through the Oracle.

In the event that you book a reading with a topic I am unable to read on (see my FAQ for details), we can formulate a new question together or I will promptly issue a refund.

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It was unlike any reading I’d ever received and it really helped me clear my head. Your reading introduced me to a different type of practitioner.  It was almost therapeutic…I never expected anything so detailed and empathetic as the analysis you provided me.  You were completely spot on with everything you said.  It was exactly relevant to my situation, you stated things that I knew to be true in a fundamental, core intuitive way.  Your reading gave me the sort of guidance I couldn’t get from any of my friends. Thank you for helping me through a difficult time.

Thanks for taking the time and energy to provide me with a magnificent reading which was on point. There was much resonance…so much so that I decided to do a review of my business operations over a seven-day period. Your reading was very helpful in drawing to my attention the amount of pressure I had placed on myself and the business. With your wonderful insights, I am now gradually giving myself a well-deserved break!

Thanks for giving me confidence. I badly needed it to fight back against the indecision I was suffering from, and I aim to bounce back to life as soon as possible. Thanks once again for an excellent reading and the efforts and time you spent on me.

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