Want to know what to expect from a LifeAlchemy™ Tarot Reading? Below are actual readings I have performed for clients who have generously allowed me to share their results. Keep in mind that your reading will be tailored to your question and unique situation, so actual reading content will vary.

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We wanted to express our sincere gratitude and deep appreciation for the time you spent completing our reading.
We were blown away by your perceptive abilities, compassionate approach, and amazing understanding of us–
both as individuals, and as a couple. Your incredible intuitive insight helped us to address a difficult situation from a
more focused perspective, by understanding ourselves and our intentions to resolve the issue more clearly.
Blessings and many thanks to you and your guides!

The Tarot reading you did for me was amazingly accurate. You brought up several things that I “knew” but wasn’t willing to admit to myself. That was very helpful. Thank you. I will be recommending you to friends.

Very accurate! This reading gave me a good direction. I wasn’t sure how to address the situation, but this reading helped me clear my mind and look forward.